Last year, we worked with St Margaret's Preparatory School in Calne to help them develop outdoor learning at their school.

In order to make the most of outdoor learning sessions, schools need to create stimulating and exciting outdoor areas.  The school had already created a wildlife area and had started the development of a school garden.  

Learning With Nature, working in partnership with The Nature Of It, consulted with pupils, parents and Staff as to what they thought would make their outdoor areas stimulating and exciting.

In the wildlife area, we planted a native hedge for wildlife, cleared an area for a wildlife meadow, refreshed paths, created den building stacks, built a hibernaculum and developed an area for the mud kitchen.

Pupils, parents and Staff enjoyed the day's engagement and the whole community was inspired by the day's work.  This was later acknowledged by the re-newing of the school's Green Flag award at the start of March.

They are now able to extend their learning in the classroom out into the garden and wildlife area, bringing their learning to life in a stimulating and exciting way.

Pupil, parent and Staff feedback helped to create a final design for the garden as well as identify areas for development in the wildlife area.

During the Summer terms pupils planted up their kitchen garden beds with a variety of food plants which they were then able to harvest and cook with before the Summer Holidays began.

On Monday 1st February 2016, pupils, parents and Staff took part in a Ground Force Day, where everyone joined in to start the creation of the garden and development of the wildlife area.

In the garden, we planted an orchard, under-sown with a wildflower meadow, planted a sensory bed and carpet, fruit bushes and borders, painted signs for the garden and painted the shed, as well as creating a Water Wall feature.