​Learning With Nature have been working with the pupils, Staff and parents at St. Margaret's Preparatory School in Calne to develop their school grounds for outdoor learning.  

The pupils and Staff contributed to the design of a new school garden and then helped create it, alongside improvements to the existing wildlife area, during a 'Ground Force Day' at the beginning of February 2016.  Pupils, Staff and parents worked alongside each other to bring their garden design to life.  

​Learning With Nature have received funding from the Army Welfare Service to create a garden for Mums & Toddlers at the Community Centre at MoD Lyneham.

So far we have installed a playhouse, tool store, raised beds and a sand pit in the newly created garden area.  We will soon be installing a mud kitchen as well as a wooden table and seating for the children and adults to use in the garden.

​The Army Benevolent Fund - The Soldiers' Charity have now awarded us funding to deliver outdoor learning sessions in the new garden when the Community Centre opens again this Summer.

Working in communities, with communities.

​​​Your school grounds development can be achieved through regular sessions with targeted groups, whole school days or events involving parents and the local community.

​For over a year, we have been working with Christian Malford C of E Primary School, helping them to develop their school grounds for outdoor learning.  We have worked with the whole school community (pupils, staff and parents) to create stimulating areas for learning and exploration.

We are now planning for the creation of a new Learning Habitat for their EYFS children.​​

Helping your school grounds reach their full potential.

These will help teachers to:

  • Extend the children's learning, in all areas of the curriculum
  • ​Help build resilience and independent learning
  • Enable the inclusion of pupils who need to access the curriculum in alternative ways.
  • Provides a safe and supportive environment for childen with EBD.
  • Creative areas which stimulate creativity, exploration and team work, enabling the childrens' social and emotional development.

​​School Grounds Development

​​Learning With Nature works in partnership with Wishing Tree Horticulture to develop and create outstanding Learning Habitats.