Super Senses

 Using our senses (​sight, sound, touch and smell) we explore the woodland habitat, learn about plant structure  and function, lifecycle and what plants need to survive.


 Woodland Detectives

 A whole day programme that combines the Super Senses programme and the Marvellous Minibeasts  programme.  Children practise using their senses before using them to explore a woodland habitat.

Working in partnership with

As well as programmes offered in previous years at Westonbirt, we also offer the following sessions:

 Lifecycles and Food Chains

 Go on a minibeast hunt, sort and classify minibeasts and then learn about the lifecycle of a variety of  animals.  Find out how plants and animals depend on one another by creating food chains.

 Marvellous Minibeasts

 Find out what a woodland habitat is like to live in.  Learn how to find minibeasts in a variety of micro-habitats,  identify them and their place in woodland food chains.

 Autumn Adventure

 Go on an adventure to find as many signs of Autumn as you can.  Learn how to sort leaves/nuts and identify  trees by their leaves/nuts.  Look at the lifecycle of a tree.  Use natural materials to make art and crafts.  Plant  a seed to take home to grow your own tree.

Key Stage 1 Programmes

 Signs of Spring

 We go on a nature walk to spot the signs of Spring followed by activities focusing on plant parts and the  lifecycle of plants.  This is followed by a natural art activity using the materials collected on the walk.​

 Plants As Producers

 Children learn about the parts of a plant, tree identification, how to measure the age of  trees, the lifecycle of  a tree, uses of trees and properties of wood plus the importance  of plants as producers.

 Winter Wonderland

 Go on a welly walk to find out what plants and animals are around in winter.  Find out what animals need to  live and how they survive through the winter.  Build a shelter/mouse home and learn about the properties of  different natural materials.