Terrific Trees

 Explore some our largest plants amongst the fantastic collection at Westonbirt Arboretum.  Find out  how trees grow and how to find out the age of a tree.  Go on  a scavenger hunt to find leaves, seeds,  bark and other plant parts and use them to explore symmetry and patterns.  Learn how useful trees  are to humans and nature and use plant parts to make something to take home.

Working in partnership with

 Woodland Explorers

 This whole day programme is aimed at encouraging the children to use their senses to explore a  woodland habitat.  They will practise listening, looking, smelling and touching before using their  senses to find minibeasts that live in woodlands.

 Super Senses

 Well-known children's stories are used to lead the children in to using their senses to carry out fun  activities whilst exploring the woodland habitat.

EYFS Programmes


 The Great Seed Hunt

 Children use their senses to find signs of seasonal change whilst exploring a woodland habitat.  They  collect a variety of seeds and learn how to sort and count using seeds.  They then use these natural  materials in a variety of craft and art activities before planting a seed to take home.


 Autumn Adventures

 Explore Westonbirt Arboretum at one of the most colourful times of the year.  Children use their  senses to explore seasonal changes and the woodland habitat.  They collect evidence of the changes  taking place and use these natural materials in craft and art activities.

 Marvellous Minibeasts

 Children will learn how to collect minibeasts from different woodland micro-habitats and they will then  look at their similarities and differences.

Each session includes a mixture of fun, creative and educational activities to keep young children engaged whilst they discover our great outdoors.

Core Sessions


 Leaf Man

 Following on from this lovely book, children go on a leaf hunt and look at the variety of leaf sizes,  colours and  shapes.  Learn how to sort, identify and count leaves.  Explore leaf patterns and  symmetry before making your own Leaf  Man and animals.

​​We offer sessions lasting for an hour and a half, based on children's favourite storybooks and the changing seasons.  All areas of the Early Learning Goals can be covered through these outdoor learning sessions and we are happy to mix and match activities, or change the focus of the sessions, to meet your children's requirements.

Seasonal Sessions

​Autumn Programmes