Winter Wonderland

 Come and explore the real-life winter wonderland that is Westonbirt Arboretum in Winter.  Go on a  Winter Walk to look for signs of winter.  Make tracks, write in the frost/snow/mud, collect a wide variety  of materials and use them to make natural decorations.


 Stick Man

 Children find out about the wide variety of uses that a stick has by reading this very funny story.  They  learn how to use sticks to lay a trail, record a  journey, build a home for a woodland animal and then   make a Stick Man of their own to take home.


 Mad About Minibeasts

 Children explore one or more habitats to hunt for minibeasts and identify those found.  After having  learnt how to sort minibeasts, the children make a minibeast from natural materials.  Children make a  bug pod to  take home before finishing the session with a snail/woodlice race.


 Exciting Eggs

 Learn about the different eggs and nests that birds make and have a go at making your own nests out  of natural materials.  Make Easter headdresses and Easter baskets out of natural materials before  going on an Easter egg hunt.

Spring programmes


 Room on the Broom

 Based on this well-loved story, children explore a woodland habitat in a magical way.  The children go  for a walk in the arboretum to collect a variety of sticks before making their own broomsticks.  They  have a go a making their own potions and magic wands before creating their own spells.

​Winter programmes

EYFS Programmes


 Messy Mud

 Children learn about and explore mud in a natural setting.  They learn where it comes from and have  a go at making their own woodland mud.  They learn what mud feels like and some of its properties  through playing with mud and using it to make everything from mud pies to painting pictures.  They  then look at some of the animals that live in the mud and find out why we need to protect trees.

​Autumn Programmes continued..

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 Owl Babies

 Children practise using their senses to look for woodland birds.  They look at the parts of a bird and  learn about the similarities and differences between birds, including their songs.  They go on a feather  hunt and then use feathers and other natural materials to make nests.  They look for natural bird food

 (minibeasts) before making a bird feeder to take home.